Conflicts of Men’s Black Shoes and Brown Shoes

Conflicts of Men’s Black Shoes and Brown Shoes

In the history or even in present, there is no as such absolute or comprehensive list of men shoes that defines the dress rules. According to some people the matching of men dress should be aligned with the metal of shoe horse-bit, the belt buckle, suspenders’ metal, blazer buttons or the cufflinks. Also, an exception was made for a rule that socks of men should match the men’s dress pants. Seems like all these rules were not written with ink, but with pencil, which are being modified again and again. The better way to get to the best men’s fashion is by just playing around and checking which suits the best on you, and enhances your personality.

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    1. Daily Wardrobe

The daily wardrobe gives the chance to men to make use of different color range. Shoe manufacturers normally have wide color range in their product line including red, blue, green etc. But above all, there are two colors in shoe fashion of men which are quite versatile with every dress; those colors are brown and black. But sometimes, such circumstances are made that men get no choice to pick one color from these two colors i.e. brown and black. Firstly, just know that such assumption of circumstances is for formal events. For these, wearing a brown hue would be the hard choice to go with. Moreover, in the corporate world, if men have the strict dress code then again brown color would not be allowed to wear.

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    1. No Brown in Town

Nevertheless, there is a famous phrase that says “no brown in town”; all you need to do is just forget about it. The brown shoes are considered to be dressy and relatively casual (even though the black shoes are dressier). If you are indecisive about the black and brown shoes, then you must follow the rules given below, but do not neglect the expression that “rules are made to be broken”. The rule that deserves to be at top of the list is to avoid pairing up black and brown together while looking for shoes and suits, talking specifically about brown shoes and black suit. The navy blue suit will best go with the brown shoes (oxford shoes seems an amazing choice). From light tan color to dark chocolate color, the brown shades could be everything that eventually brings versatility to the shoes. The perfect color combinations with brown shoes are the suits with Earth tone, more specifically the colors blue, grey and navy.

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    1. Blue Jeans

If talking about the jeans and its combination then the most preferable color is brown. Brown colored shoes even pops out with jeans of blue shade, you just need to be careful to pick darker shade. Also, if its winter and you are wearing black over coat with blue jeans then brown shoes will be a fine choice to go with then, ever tried? If no, then try and let us know as well!

Rationally, style is mere a state of mind. Just keep playing with your combos and try variations. We are sure you would discover your very own style with high level creativity.

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