Guideline to Get the Right Shoes

Guideline to Get the Right Shoes

We understand that the shoe shopping can be complicated as it might need lots of fashion in the mind while picking one for your own self. If you end up having a shoe with outclass appearance but it is a bit fitted then there are chances to get in grown nails issues, blood circulation issues and also the bending fingers issues. Going after the mere appearances can lead to unwanted stress sometimes, because not everyone gets luck in to have style and comfortable altogether. But it doesn’t mean one should neglect the appearance of the shoes as fashion and style are equally important as the shoe balance and comfort. However we need to be a little cautious while selecting footwear because foot health depends on the quality of footwear that we use.

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Shoe Stats

As per the stats of a famous global magazine, total 75% of the people face the foot pains at some point in their lives. Anyone can admit that, physical pressure is real that our feet take throughout the day. Unsuitable more specifically low quality shoes can bring many unwelcomed issues like calluses. Talking about worst scenarios, the serious illness can be caused such as muscles, joints, spine, and vein etc. Hence it should be in your mind that the shoe you are testing must have the right width and length before you really take them home.

Fun Fact

There are some fun facts about the shoe shopping that you should be aware of. It is not recommended to do your shoe shopping in the morning, the reason behind this wise saying is our legs tend to get a bit swelled in the evening after a half day leg movements so there are chances that the shoe which were perfectly fit in the morning, will become unacceptably annoying in the evening, so evening is the best time.

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Moreover, if you can only do shopping in the morning then you should consider the fitting of the shoe, like it is of the good size, your fingers are not bent and it is not squeezing your feet at all. The fitting of the shoe can affect the health directly, since the tight shoe becomes the reason of blood circulation disorder, bent fingers and ingrown nails which is very painful. It is recommended not to get the squeezed shoe but also it doesn’t mean that you should get the loose footwear. Loose footwear tends to keep the muscles of legs stressed, so avoid the extra foot comfort as well.

What our Expert Says?

The shoe experts suggest wearing the both shoes, walking in them and then checking the overall fitting. Stand still with both shoes in your feet, focus on the top of the shoe, and observe whether you have some distance at front side. It is recommended by experts to have almost half inch difference between your longest toe and shoe front, in this way your toes would get enough room and stay away from stress while walking.
Always go for the shoes that have soft insoles and flexibility overall. Check the shoes by bending them, the good quality shoes would bend easily without getting ruined and deformed. According to the personal experience and survey of customers, the everyday shoe should have small wide heel to balance perfectly in your work look. Different shoes are appropriate for different activities. The important thing is that you know your lifestyle, and pick footwear that fits within it.

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