Ten Tips | How to Walk like a Pro in your Super Amazing High Heel

Ten Tips | How to Walk like a Pro in your Super Amazing High Heel

High heels walk often invokes up images of supermodels wearing elevated heels and stomping down the big runways with such an ease that it starts to feel like a piece of cake. But in real life, walking in tower heels is one big task. It might be hard to think of yourself as the supermodel while walking in heels without staggering.

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It happens this way because when you wear heels, that shoe heels place your feet along with your body in different positions. Consequently, 90% weight of your entire body shifts to heels balls instead of spreading equally to every body part. This kind of weight shifts make your walks in heels much harder; it surely doesn’t sound fun experience.

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Idea of learning the way to walk in heels seems a bit silly, but no worries save thank you (s) for later and dig into the heel insights by giving it a full read. Below are some necessary tips to walk like pros in heels.

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Right Step First

Ever felt like a big decision when you think of walking in heels? If yes, then you are at the right place. Make it a habit to take right step first, whenever you start walking in high heels, it will surely be a success stroll.  Moreover, try to take smaller steps in heels than your normal step distance in heels, in this way you will have more control over your walk. It is also a reminder of doing slow things since you are not in your trainers, you are wearing tower heels.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

It is common to start your heels experience with high heels because we all like high heels. But practice is important before jumping to high heels directly, so walk in low heels first.

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Engage Your Core

Our core is the equilibrium of stability and balance maintaining, which means stable strides. So one need to have the proper posture while wearing elevated heels: shoulders stretched at back, chin straight and head high.

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Be Confident

You just need to take a deep breath; it is not a rocket science. You must stop over thinking and enjoy the moments in heels

Size Always Matters

Not too loose, not too tight, be careful while select your heels size. Wrong choice of heels might end up resting in cupboard all life.

One should focus on the ground, and the smaller steps, if you could handle the staggering walk then go for higher heels otherwise you are still beautiful in low heels.

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