Suede Shoes: Must have Kit and Super Easy DIY Hacks to clean Your Favorite Shoes

Suede Shoes: Must have Kit and Super Easy DIY Hacks to clean Your Favorite Shoes

We are trend setters! We get trendy footwear from Insignia Shoes that goes long way. If we particularly talk about suede shoes, they are really reliable regarding the quality and durability. But after wearing them too much, they start looking old, so you need to get them cleaned. Clean your suede shoes with lots of care because you might harm your shoes without having the cleaning knowledge. We are here to free you from this worry with such an extensive article to tell you the hacks to clean the suede shoes. Give it a full read and you are a pro!

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Cleaning Kit for Suede Shoes

There are few things which we will call must-haves to clean your favorite suede shoes. So follow the list that will help you learn our easy hacks of cleaning:

  • Brush for suede shoes
  • Suede shoe Protector
  • Eraser Bar
  • Options for DIY Home Care
  • Iron/Kettle/Iron
  • Peroxide
  • White Vinegar
  • Dry Cloth or Sponge
  • Emery Board
  • Nail Brush
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Clean the Basic Stains of Scuff, Mud and Dirt

  1. Make sure your shoes (s) are dry entirely; if not then wait for them to get dry.
  2. Fill your shoes with old shopping bags or newspapers.
  3. It is recommended to use the brush with soft bristle, would be better if you go for specific suede shoe brush. In this step remove the dirt from the shoes by gently rubbing the brush in one direction, and then rub it in back and forth direction.
  4. You can brush the suede shoes harder if the scuff stains are stubborn, using the back and forth direction.
  5. Still if the marks are there, try the eraser bar.
  6. There are some alternate methods of suede eraser that includes emery board and pencil eraser.
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Ink Stains

If the stain on shoes is wet, wait for it to get dry. Then take an alcohol cotton pad and rub it over the stained suede shoe. The sandpaper can also be used if alcohol pad is not available, try both if available.

Gum and Wax Stains

Gum and wax stains are the two offenders which are the funniest things to remove from your suede shoes. No, it isn’t a typo; you read it right that this is fun to remove. Take out a clean plastic bag, and put your shoe in it (do not worry we will not ask you to eat it when chill), put this plastic bag in the freezer overnight. This is how the wax or gum will get harder, and harder things are easier to remove from the suede shoes. If necessary, use the steel wool brush.

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Blood Stains

Such stains are hard to be there on your shoes, but (in case life happens) good news is we have a solution for its removal. Take a cotton pad, soak it with peroxide and keep rubbing the stained part until the stain is vanished.

All the above methods are tried and tested, but we need your feedback. Try any of these and let us know in the comment section which method worked for your so that we could share your experience with others as well.

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