The Difference between Pumps and Stiletto

The Difference between Pumps and Stiletto

If we start talking about shoe types, the list would be endless. Even if particularly talking about heels, we also have an extensive list to remember all heels names. Therefore, in this article we have picked the most confusing shoe styles names that commonly get mixed up due to designs. Is there anyone who hasn’t questioned herself, what exactly are stilettoes?

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 Pumps and Stiletto Heels

Above all, we get more confusion when digging out the difference between stilettoes and kitten heels, stilettoes and pumps, or even others. Minds might get blown after knowing that there are numerous shoes and heels which are the hybrid versions of other shoes. In this article we are going to have a detailed discussion regarding the heels that are the special production of Insignia Shoes – Stilettoes! What are the features that stilettoes have? Internal curiosity to know the heels origin? How high can these stilettoes heels be or low heels can these be? Give it a full read, you’ll get to know about the materials with which heels are made, ways to carry these, pro or cons and the easy pick for you.

We will be putting forward the comparison of kitten heels, pumps, stilettoes and more. But firstly, let’s dig about stilettoes.

About Stiletto

What about the introduction of stiletto heels? This is the kind of shoes that is given name by its heel; particularly talking about the size (as in width), shape and even the height of heel.

Height of Stiletto Heels

There is a wide range of stiletto heels, the minimum heel height of stilettoes are 2 or 3 inches. If the heel height is less than this measure then it is considered to be a kitten heel. Usually stilettoes have heels more than 3 inches, even if they were crafted over a platform.

Size of Stiletto Heels

The thinness of the stiletto heels define the size, in common practice the standard size of the stiletto heel is considered to be 0.4inches or 10mm at the base (for diameter), the point where the ground is touched by the heel as it is imperative to protect them due to their small size.

Shape of Stiletto Heels

The shape of the stiletto heels from top to bottom is often taper, more like dagger namesake.

Stiletto and Pumps Heels

The Difference between Pumps and Stiletto Heels

Stiletto and pumps are the kind of shoes that get interchanged by the people while describing the heels of women. But actually these two are totally different things. While talking about the difference of these two shoes, you need to remember that stiletto is the heel type while pumps are the shoe body type. The designers of the shoes call the “upper” referring the body of the shoe that gets to expertly sit on and above the shoe sole.

Among women, the most popular type of the shoe is pumps, as known as court shoes. They are usually low cut at front with enclosed toes. Moreover, there is variety in heights, sizes and shapes of the pumps heels comprising different features like straps, toe shapes or peep toes. Coming back to the main difference, stiletto is the heel type which can be seen with pumps (shoe body type). Pumps can have so many heel types including kitten and chunky heels. Bottom line: Stiletto heel looks classy.

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