Insignia is Feeling New | New Logo | New Collection | New Fashion

Insignia is Feeling New | New Logo | New Collection | New Fashion

With the increasing demand in fashion particularly shoe fashion, Insignia has took a refreshing swing with its totally new look. Women and men who follow the global fashion they tend to be very keen when it is about the trendy styles, so getting the best and trendsetter products are a big challenge. Insignia has been remarkably excelling with this challenge and providing the best quality shoe with more durability that makes you limelight in a big crowd. It’s been a journey of many years with pure hard work that Insignia provides the trendy, long lasting material that is worth the price tag, looks chic with elegance and release positive energy whether it is a high street fashion, festive fusion or casual collection, Insignia rocks!

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Considering the above commitment Insignia has brought a big change in it started from its logo, which was quite an insignia before but now it has revamped with more simplicity and chic factors. Recently Insignia has launched its winter collection with a totally new version. The winter collection tag line says #Iamfeelingnew, because along with the logo Insignia has added chic colors in its branding which are black and white as primary colors while grey and pink as secondary colors. These colors denote the peace behind this brand, while spreading the elegance as a high end fashion.

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Insignia has got the tagline in this recent winter collection as “I’m Feeling New”, it is because Insignia lovers say that they feel confident and look the part when they carry its products. So this time Insignia has become closer to its lovers, and linked the objective with them as Insignia and its people are feeling new #Iamfeelingnew. With this new feel, Insignia has launched its classy winter collection; let’s have a look at some of its new and high end fashion articles from the latest collection.

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1. Chunky Chain Pumps

The above image shows the new elegant logo of Insignia, with tagline “I’m Feeling New”, since it is about all the new looks with the new collection and new fashion. This blue pointed toe pumps is made with leather, cushioned sole and crisscross pattern all over, while the chunky chains are shows an upper class of this shoe. Mere an irresistible article, it is available in-stores and online, if you want to get it online you can shop from it is available in two colors.

2. Radiant Mules

This chic and radiant mule is also from the new winter collection of Insignia. It is a must-have for this season. Get it from this link This is available in two colors.

3. Squared Toe

With the new feeling inside and outside, Insignia has come up with the exquisite brown pump shoe in winter collection. Check it out

3. Festive Pumps

These are the new vibes, new design from the new collection by Insignia Shoes. Get it now from it is available in two fine colors.

Check out our latest collection with all new feelings and let us know how much did you like it in the comments section below.

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