Sunny Slides, Sandals and Slippers for a Superb Summer

Sunny Slides, Sandals and Slippers for a Superb Summer

Whether you are working from home or working for home, you need a super relaxed atmosphore to function smoothly. Above all, footwear should be the most comfortable in such factors. To get this comfort Insignia has brought a vibrant yet viable slippers for men and women that you must have this summer. Let’s have a look:

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These dual color slippers for men are the hot sellers, having red and black hues for an eternal decent look.

These red casual flip flops for men have white lining and very soft sole, perfect for daily use.

This casual mustard sandal has everything that need to be in the summer shoe. Grab it now!

These casual slippers in mustard color is available in three colors (mustard, black and golden) having the embellishment of golden chain at top.

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This black slipper is constructed over a chic shiny sole, above the stacked heel, having double straps at top.

These slides are constructed over a stacked heel in white color having adornment of golden horse-bit to bring grace in casual footwear.

These pink slippers are made with all cushiony padding inside, having the metallic embellishment at top.

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These black slippers are made with epic contrast of beige hue, having the cushiony sole, constructed over a sturdy stacked heel.

These pink slippers are constructed over a chunky sole with specification of comfortable footwear, along with crumpled style at top

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These green slippers are made with debossed chunky sole having the flip flop style, perfect to pair with casual summer dress

These black sandals are made with leather with the brown contrast over sturdy wedge heel, to make you unstoppable in walk and fashion.

These pink sandals are made with the finest material, taking care of your feet health, having the printed design at front flap for trendy look.

These casual white sandals are made with a wide front flap engraved beautifully within and finished with buckle in leather strap.

It is a beige color slipper and white printed sole, it is very easy slipper and stylish, it is also very easy to walk; we can wear it in daily routine strolls.

These mustard colored slippers can be taken to watery places, it does not spoil at all in water, put it in water as you wish, and it stays like this.

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