Popular Insignia Fragrances for Men and Women

Popular Insignia Fragrances for Men and Women

Seeking your signature fragrance is similar to seeking the perfect partner. It is not as easy as we all consider it. It takes time to find the best person in your life with whom you desire to spend your whole life ahead. Good relationships have some standards and are always those whose likes and dislikes match the utmost. In the case of fragrances, it is possible you have a particular type you are looking for- fresh and clean or woodsy and dark!

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Fortunately, the fragrances expert, Insignia, has made finding the signature perfumes easier than meeting the perfect date. Now, you don’t need to try any scent and see whether it matches your personality or not. After meticulous scouring of perfume archives, we have enlisted and shed light on the popular Insignia fragrances for men women that will not only evoke strong emotion in you but help you stand out in the crowd by emitting a sweet scent.

  • Crius Gardena 100ml - Her
  • Crius Temptation 100ml - Her
  • Crius Paradise 100ml - Her
  • Crius Flare 100ml - He
  • Crius Mid Night Blue 100ml – He
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Crius Gardena 100ml – Her

Gardena is a popular Insignia fragrance that opens to a worthwhile scent of Camellia, rendering females a relaxing and serene effect. The new signature aroma attaches an exquisite touch of Cedarwood and Jasmine and creates unique flowery silage.


  • Colour: Multy
  • Price: Rs.4,500 only

Crius Temptation 100ml – Her

Temptation mixes intense and sweet customized floral ingredients to express the soul of femininity. This popular insignia fragrance is one of the top-selling products among charismatic women who possess a special crush on scents. Insignia offers this blazing fragrance at a reasonable price of 1,750 PKR only.

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Crius Paradise 100ml - Her

Paradise is an enduring fragrance consisting of free spirit aroma. Feel this popular Insignia fragrance for women by opening fruity notes of Blackcurrant and Pear. The scent gives a serene note of Vanilla expressing heavenly effects on your attitude.


  • Colour: Multy
  • Price: Rs.3,900 only
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Crius Flare 100ml – He

Crius Flare is Bold, Power, Love, and Partner. It is one of the best fragrances Insignia has in its stock. This sought-after perfume amalgamates fresh lemon and rosemary, providing males with a distinctive citrus aroma.


  • Colour: Multy
  • Price: Rs.2,250 only
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Crius Mid Night Blue 100ml – He

You will acquire the perfect combination of the night & the ocean in Insignia’s popular fragrance, Midnight Blue for men.

Owing to its sale like hotcakes, we have reduced its price from Rs.4,500 to Rs.2,250. Midnight Blue is a pure mix of sweet orange, grapefruit, and black pepper, creating a personalized scent exhibiting the aroma of Vetyver and Amber.

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