Men’s Best Shoe Choice for All the Occasions | The Loafers

Men’s Best Shoe Choice for All the Occasions | The Loafers

Ever wondered what thing in men gives a great impact at first glance? Yes, that’s the shoes. Shoes play a vital role in creating a graceful image for men. All the judgments of the society for men are created base on the shoes that he’s wearing. Just the way women put up the makeup, jewelry and pretty dresses to add the grace in entire look, similarly men level up their fashion game with classy shoes. If you are planning to add new pair to a man’s closet or even your own closet, we have got some options to consider in this case. We will surely mention the variety of the amazing men shoes that every male should have at home, but only one article type of the shoe will be discussed.

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Starting with the oxford shoes, all the men should get at least one article of this shoe style as they go well with men’s suit, jeans, tux etc.), then comes the boat shoes that perfectly compliment the shorts, khakis, and narrow jeans. After this let’s talk about sneakers that seem to be the most popular shoe among men’s daily routine, the best dresses with sneakers are trousers, linens, shorts, jeans and chinos. Moving forward with leather boots that is a separate class and goes perfectly with overcoat, slim fit jeans, and jacket, and finally the loafers – love of every man, can be easily paired with casual wear, shorts and chinos.

Today’s hot topic for discussion is loafers for men and their types. First of all we should know how they look like. So basically any shoe that doesn’t have laces, slightly low heighted with low side cuts that ankle can be seen clearly while it doesn’t stick to the ankle firmly, a bit lose from ankles. Usually loafers are made with low stacked heels along with separate soles, there are some famous loafers types comprising: horsebit loafers, driving loafers, espadrille, slipper loafers, tassel loafers, pump loafers, penny loafers and kiltie loafers.

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Evolution of Loafers

There are some mix stories about loafers, one of them says that this shoe type created was a Norwegian man who made this design by mixing up the Norwegian footwear with Native American footwear.

It was came into use after the world war one, initially worn by the farmers then all the Americans started wearing it due to its comfort ability and easy to slip-in factor in daily routine. These slip-ons then became very popular with office wears.

In all these classy types of loafers, the most popular is the penny loafer – this name is derived with fashion oriented and decorative strap that runs horizontally across the shoe vamp. This strap is made to a lip like shape having a tiny opening and features different sizes and designs. Let us know in the comment section which one loafer style is your favorite and why?

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