Keep Up the Summer Fun by Following Foot Tips

Keep Up the Summer Fun by Following Foot Tips

Summer is the season in which people tend to go out in pool parties and other fun based gatherings, but to attend all these you need to put a lot of pressure on your feet, which requires extra care for your feet. Insignia has brought some useful tips to spend a fun-filled summer.

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First of all, talking about the foot shape: You can easily keep your feet in a good shape, you just have to keep few things in mind, which are following:

Habit of Wearing Shoes

We understand how much it relaxing to throw away your footwear in summers and walk barefoot. But walking without shoes can bring lots of problems for your feet including bacterial infection (so common). Therefore, try not to go barefoot.

Apply Good Sunscreen

Commonly people use sunscreen on arms and legs before going out, but they are not habitual of applying it on feet, considering them already healthy. This is totally wrong, sunscreen on feet is as important as it is for arms and legs. Note: You need to apply sunscreen again if you come out of the water.

Prevent Blisters

Blisters are kind of a nightmare for summer looks. And it can easily develop in summers due to sweaty feet. So it is recommended to wash your feet regularly and get comfortable, soft and breathable slippers in summers to avoid blisters and keep your feet good.

Follow Few Routine Tips to Keep your Feet Healthy

Feet are that parts of our body that gets neglected most of the time. People need to pay heed towards its health since it bares all the pressure of our body entire day. Therefore we would like to share few tips to keep them in better health:

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Regularly wash your Feet: Regularly wash your feet and don’t forget to thoroughly dry them.

Keep your Feet Hydrated: Dry skin can lead to many unknown skin diseases so it’s prevention is better than cure, regularly apply moisturizer especially between your toes, this area get ignored by most of the people.

Regular Toenails Trimming: Use nail clipper to cut your toe nails, and cut them carefully like avoid the angle and down corner, otherwise you can face the pain of ingrown nails or any infection.

Socks: Try to use only cotton or wool socks (as per weather demand), and change the socks daily. Since our feet get sweaty, therefore sweaty socks can cause infection if they don’t get dry and remain damp.

Bottom Line\

We hope you would follow the above routines, these are simple and small tips but most of the people neglect this routine. All of them tend to take care of the face, arms and legs but feet don’t get treated so we need to treat our feet equally for their health.

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