Iftar Arranged by Insignia in Collaboration with Rizq

Iftar Arranged by Insignia in Collaboration with Rizq

            Insignia is Pakistan’s one of the leading brands that is proudly providing its customers with luxury bags, shoes, and perfumes for both men and women. We have recently opened our grand store in Faisalabad. Under one roof, you can shop for everything you like. Not just it, our online stores are pure convenience with just one click you can other your favorite product. Our latest Fashion Freedom Joggers are the example of our passion and how we keep up with the trends. Affordability with quality is what we believe in and thrive for.

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            Ramadan is the month of blessings. It is all about feeding people and making ourselves a better human being. It is about sharing and caring for those who cannot afford to have a meal or struggling financially to make ends meet. This month teaches us how to be kind, empathetic and do charity in the society. Insignia has not only thrived to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers, but it has also put emphasis on making the society better by donating or collaborating with other organizations.

            This year Insignia has joined hands with one of the top NGOs of Pakistan Rizq to provide food to millions of Pakistanis who are living below poverty line and unable to afford food. Rizq is a nonprofit organization that has been working to feed millions of people and providing them assistance. The goal of this foundation is to join hands with people and companies and help them donating food to the people. This organization is run by youth who are always up for volunteering. 

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We believe an act of kindness can change the world and for us making profit is not only our priority. We have this strong believe that as the part of the economical growth and social corporate responsibility we need to help poor people and build a nation together.

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            This Iftaar was something special because we experienced the true spirit of Ramadan and with a foundation like Rizq the whole process went smooth. We were able to feed hundreds of people. We truly thank Rizq for this collaboration as we were able to fulfill a small chunk of our mission. Yes, there’s more to go but we are certain that we will be able to feed millions across Pakistan.


            With the spirit of Ramadan in our hearts we are feeling proud that we were able to successfully sponsor Rizq to feed the millions of people around. This is just a step forward towards helping our society.  Ramadan is all about charity and with this clarity we are thrieving to do charity as much as we can. This Ramadan, we couldn’t be more proud. Rizq’s initiative has helped millions of people so far and we believe this year with our help it will achieve more. With this promise we look forward to become pioneers of CSR. Do not forget to share your feedback. Let us know about your thoughts.

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