Store your Shoes for Next Season

How to Store your Shoes for Next Season | an Extensive Guideline

One thing is common among us all; we categorize our shoes as winter shoes or summer shoes. Whenever the new season comes, we stop using the shoes of previous season, but at times just because we cannot store the prior season shoes we tend to wear them in current season as well and consequently give our feet a tough time.

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First of all, we all need to keep one thing mind that we should stop wearing previous season’s shoes and store them safely as it is better for our feet and shoes’ health. Today we have come up with the interesting way of storing your shoes for the next season so that when you take them out you again feel your shoes fresh and new.

When we talk about storing shoes, do not mix it with ust putting them away for a season. Here we are talking about properly cleaned, packaged and deodorized shoes to protect them from hot, cold, wet, and dry weathers. So this article all about storing your favorite shoes: let’s find out how to store your shoes for next season.

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1. Clean the Stains and Dirt of Your Shoes:

Before storing our shoes, we need to make sure that they are totally clean. Clean your shoes regularly so that they don’t end up having stains and dirt.

2. Treat and Condition Your Shoes:

Everything needs care, and so our shoes especially leather shoes. There are so many shoe sealants sprays that create a protection shield against grime, dust and water. Therefore, after cleaning the shoes just spray them properly.

3. Get Them Repaired:

Make sure that your shoes don’t have rips, if they do then get them repaired first before storing them for next few months.

4. Deodorize Your Shoes:

Yeah we never want stinky shoes! If insoles are washable then take them out, wash them and use some deodorizer to keep them fresh.

5. How to Store Your Shoes:

Now it is the time to insert some stuff to keep them in proper shape. The best option is to use shoe shapers but if you don’t have then you can use crumpled papers as well.

6. Where to Store Your Shoes

    It would be better if you had saved your shoe boxes, but if not use a cotton cloth, drape it around shoes and put shoe pair in plastic bag. This is how your shoes will be saved from dust. Remember if you make a stack of shoes then there is possibility that your shoe shape gets compromised.

    This was the easy way of storing your shoes. We have listed down more DIY hacks; you can read them from but before reading them, let us know in the comment section about this method.

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