Get the Right Shoes for Your Feet

Get the Right Shoes for Your Feet

It’s pretty normal that whenever people shop they look for the things that are currently in fashion or at least that could make them look fashionistas. But when particularly talking about the shoes, the perception of people is beyond the fashion, they want to go one step ahead than current trends, also one major and significant reason to go beyond fashion is their foot comfort. Your entire event can get ruined if you are walking over an uncomfortable heel/tight shoes which consequently can cause bending fingers issues, ingrown nails or even blood circulation disorders. People tend to purchase the shoes by only flattering over the appearance, which after getting an irritated or tight shoe can cause big troubles. Therefore it is important to go for fashionable and attractive shoes in looks but it is equally important to consider the foot health related factors including the shoe material, heel stability, shoe size and breathable elements.

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According to vast researches over the last few years, this finding has come forward that around 75% of the people face foot pain leading to leg or knee pain at some point of their lives. The reason is quite obvious that our feet take a lot of pressure whole day, so people should wisely select shoes especially for the occasions that will run for long times.

Unsuitable or simply low quality shoes can create annoying problems for us such as calluses. Furthermore there are some other serious problems that may occur due to negligence in shoes selection for example muscle, joint, spine and even vein diseases. Hence it is comparative to look for the right width and length of the shoes before coming to the purchasing decision.

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  • You should not purchase shoes in the morning, because it is the time your feet are at complete rest, rather you should get them in the evening when your feet are a bit swollen after carrying the load of entire day.
  • You need to make sure that shoe is good in terms of fitting, like it is not tight. Shop keepers often say that this shoe will loosen up after wearing 3 4 times – do not get in this trap, just get the one that fits you well like that glass shoe fitted perfectly in Cinderella’s feet. Otherwise tight shoes can deteriorate the blood circulation pattern, causes in grown nails and what not?
  • Also you shouldn’t buy the loose shoes. If you get the loose shoes it will be easy on foot but the legs muscles will suffer since they will be in stress.


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  • Experts recommend putting on both the shoes and then try them by taking few steps.
  • There should be the space of half inch between the shoe and the longest toe.
  • To make sure that your shoes have enough shoes, just wiggle them.
  • Always go for the insoles that are soft and flexible physically.
  • Get to know the quality of shoes by bending them, also check if it deforms or not.
  • Choose small wide heel, if you are looking for daily use.
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