Fun Way of Insignia to Launch Mid-Season Sale 2022 | Hype

Fun Way of Insignia to Launch Mid-Season Sale 2022 | Hype

There was a deep silence all around; even people could hear the tree leaves swinging. Cats were napping under the tree while birds roaming and sipping around. This was the emptiness that was so loud in the silence. All this boredom was due to the people; their no-fun life was affecting the environment. It seemed like everyone and everything was in wait for something exciting, but they couldn’t help it.

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All of a sudden, there comes an announcement. What announcement that compelled people to get some energy. News was spread all over the Pakistan that Insignia is going to give big news. Although the message was unclear but it all sounded fun that was enough to wake up everyone from boredom.

The very first artwork that released was:



It says “Something Big is on the way | Can you guess? Stay Tuned only at Insignia Shoes”, which quite intrigued people that what is this, they even asked about it on different mediums but Insignia was quite good at guessing game.

On the second day, there was hustle and bustle everywhere, upon investigation it was identified that Insignia had released another teaser that says “Curious? Not for Long” below is the artwork, have a look.


This video gave another hint that the time is near; Insignia will soon disclose the surprise or whatever they are planning to show. Although people kept asking and guessing, but the event was not disclosed before time.

When it was the third day, another video was seen that said “Sneak Peak, Coming Soon”. Below is the video artwork:


Even at this point people had no idea what it is, but still they are so lovely to guess it again. Some of them guessed it right but they were also unsure about it.

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In the evening it was revealed that sale will go live in the night. Yet again, the time of sale was not mentioned.


Keeping this excitement up, another announcement was made with clear message that it was the Mid-Season Sale which is going to start at sharp 9pm; everyone was like over the moon, because we knew they were waiting for it.


It was clearly mentioned in the description that sale will go live at 9 online, it is for the ones who cannot come to the stores but prefer shopping online, and they can put things in their wish list on website.


Finally, it went online, and it was happiness in the air. People started shopping online, and a pleasant scenario was created in the Insignia box, where queries were being asked every second.

Then at last, the Biggest Sale went live in-stores and online at Insignia, from which people enjoyed discounts up to 50% off.

This sale is still going on, you can avail it these days.

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