Foot Care with Insignia Shoes

Foot Care with Insignia Shoes

We walk every day and all day wearing different types of shoes. Sometimes these shoes are comfortable for our feet or sometimes these are not, but despite of the comfort level we keep on moving – no other option. Everyone’s feet are different from each other that make it difficult to search a perfect shoe. You will get to know about so many shoe articles in this blog that we have collected for you to cut the shoe chase.

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The Correct Fit

Take out your existing shoes and carefully check out the shoe size written on it. You would probably be thinking that why do you need to do this? It is because majority of people don’t even know their shoe size and eventually tend to buy different sizes every time. To have a good feet health, the shoe size plays an important role while many people don’t pay heed towards it. Also, many people get distracted by reading the wrong or misleading information written on the product. Thus, healthy feet recipe lies in the correct fits.

Too Big/Too Small

People who are in their early 20’s think that they can wear the same shoe size for the entire life, this is absolutely wrong. It has been backed by so many studies that human feet grow as they age. About half to inch of feet size grows with the passage of time. Moreover, it is possible that shoes feel comfortable at the day start and it starts irritating the feet by the day end, it is because our feet get swollen  after walking in the for a longer time, again it is another reason to not always stick to the exact size, a little bigger size won’t harm your feet.

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People with Shallow Feet

There are so many people in the world who measure the shoes by checking the width and length from bottom, without knowing that feet has volume too. People with shallow feet have slight lower feet than others that makes it little harder to find the correct shoe.

People with Bigger Feet

Having big feet or big toes can put you in never ending struggle throughout the life; this pain can only be felt by the people who actually have this. It is that hard that such people end up buying the smaller sizes, that is why people have bunion over their feet. Bunions occur when people wear small or narrow shoe i.e. not their actual shoe size.

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Perfect Heel Length

The best heel length to wear in every routine is 3 inches or below it, if you go more than this then your feet might get in trouble after some time. Also if you are fond of big heels, then fortunately there is a solution, you can get platform heels that will give extra inches without putting stress on the feet.

Go to Styles

Below are some go to styles from Insignia Shoes that you can wear in daily routine without hurting your feet, also they’ll give elevation in your height and style both, just have a  look at some of them:

And many more of them at

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