Fancy Clutches by Insignia Shoes

Fancy Clutches by Insignia Shoes are Here to Add More Glam in Your Festive Look

Its wedding season and Insignia is one more time leading the fashion industry with its unique and classy products. Fancy dresses are incomplete without matching clutches, whether you hold them in hands or make them your arm candy; it’s an additional glam to your look.

Since you all know that Insignia has been feeling new lately so how can it lag behind providing new range in fancy clutches category. Below are some of the eye-catching clutches that will make you fall in love at first sight, check them out carefully. We know you will not resist getting them, so you can get them from Insignia retail stores or shop online at

Check these out:

1. Saddle Like Clutch

Saddle Like Clutch

This pouch shaped golden clutch is made with supple leather, featuring two curved handle for fine grip and classy shape as well. Carry it with ball gowns for an opulent vibe.

2. Happy Clutch

Happy Clutch

This brown bag is made with moonlight fabric, and its front shaped to a classy flap. Carry it with semi-formal or formal attires; it surely adds elegance in look.

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3. Fine Cut Clutch

Fine Cut Clutch

Inspired from the angular shapes this beige clutch is crafted over a metallic frame, having a plain clasp at top. Carry it in grand events as the luxurious fashion in your hands.

4. Glided Stud Clutch

Glided Stud Clutch

This metallic framed black clutch is designed in a way to spark from every angle, with an elongated surface at center. Boring parties will be fun and glam with this clutch in your hand.

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5. Rectangular Clutch

Rectangular Clutch

This golden clutch evokes a chic vibe with its simple beauty. It is expertly made with minimalist design and shaped to a rectangular metallic frame.

6.Triple Shade Clutch

Triple Shade Clutch

Turn your boring outfit into fun pairing them with this beige clutch featuring different hues. It is expertly made to a rectangular shape for a chic look.

7. Black Beauty

Black Beauty Clutch

This black clutch is crafted with supple leather to a rectangular shape, featuring classy design. Pair it with a formal dress to evoke an opulent charm.

8. Lustrous Stain Clutch

Lustrous Stain Clutch

This blue clutch comprises everything that an elegant gear should have. It is expertly crafted with lustrous satin, with twisted pleats overall, giving an effect of circular motion. Create a glamorous illusion around you with this classy clutch by Insignia Shoes.

9. Metallic Mood Clutch

Metallic Mood Clutch

Be the star carrying this chic blue hued clutch, it is expertly crafted with metallic frame, featuring a metallic clasp at top. Carry it with semi-formal or formal evenings to evoke an opulent charm.

10. Framed Clutch

Framed Clutch

This rectangular shaped black clutch is made over a metallic frame, having golden lining, and a plain clasp at top. Level up your glamorous look with this clutch.

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