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After the summer launch of Insignia Shoes, we have seen many people commenting and praising the entire range. Insignia is truly blessed to have such family that loves it this much! This motivates Insignia to come up with even prettier collections as per the choice and demand of our beloved people, even we restock some articles that constantly get in our demand list. We promise the high-quality luxury fashion with trend setter styles, but we also cannot ignore the voice of our customers who wants the previous articles to be restocked.

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Moreover Insignia people are fond of luxuries that stay with them forever. We love how they carry Insignia with grace, and charm, whether it’s in their hands, feet or over the shoulder. To accelerate this love, Insignia has come up with the great Mid-Season Sale. This isn’t the sale that covers few articles, but this is the sale that has put discount on entire stock. Yes! You heard it right, Insignia is having sale up to 50% OFF on entire stock.

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Avail this treat in the scorching heat before your desired article gets out of stock. Below are some of the articles which are on sale and you wouldn’t want to miss them on discounted price:


These mustard slippers, adorned with golden studs at top, making it a perfect summer shoe. Amazingly you can get it on sale, the original price was Rs. 2,500 and now it is for Rs. 2,250 only.

When you wear blue in summer, it kills all the blues. These stylish slippers from Insignia Shoes are just a click away, most importantly it is on sale. The original price of this shoe was Rs. 2,500 and now it is for Rs. 2,250 only.

These black slippers are designed to give comfort in your feet while completely rocking the look of warm weather. Get this classy slipper on discounted price up to 50% off.

These sun-inspired slippers went out of stock in few days, we restocked them on special demand, and guess what? It is on Sale…..Get it now!

These slippers are releasing a strong feminine urge to grab the article right away. If you are thinking to buy it then don’t think, just get it because it is not available at discounted rate only at Insignia Shoes.

These transparent shoes are made with PVC to give a classy see-through look. The original price of this heel was Rs. 4,900 and now it is available for Rs. 4,410 only.

These black heels are irresistable, made with the high pencil heel to elevate you and your glam fashion. The original price of this shoe was Rs. 6,900 and discounted price is Rs. Rs. 6,210.

These black and white heels are made with PVC combination to make it incredibly gorgeous. The original price of this heel was Rs. 6,500 and discounted price is Rs. 5,850.

These powder blue heels were beautified with the see-through straps having the studs on them. The original privce was Rs. 5,900 and discounted price is Rs. 5,310.

These black mules can literally go with any dress you wear. Originally it was for Rs. 5,900 and now it is available for Rs. 2,950.

Have a look at the entire collection of Insignia Shoes that is currently available on SALE up to 50% OFF on entire stock, and do let us know which one have you got.

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