Amazing Shoe Hacks to Make your Life Easier and Better

Amazing Shoe Hacks to Make your Life Easier and Better

There are hundreds and thousands of shoes that people love for themselves, but along with styles, having the convenient, durable and good shoes is like a dream. Because it is a common thing that if we get the shoe style of our choice, its quality gets compromised somehow, otherwise the price. Why don’t we learn to solve the problems that come up with shoes and you face them quite often? Instead of picking between shoe convenience and quality, pick the quality and let us guide you about the convenience methods.

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No don’t worry! We are not going to tell you shoe hacks that could cost you the life earnings. You can learn to ease your shoe life without spending lots of money the material for these hacks could be easily found in your kitchen. So, let’s dig in what hacks we can do with our shoes to make them last longer.

1. Make your Shoes Waterproof with Beeswax

Easy and wise way to make your shoes waterproof is by coating them with beeswax and wait till it gets dry. Candles can be used for this purpose, it will create a layer to refrain water and amazing it leaves no stains. You must try it!

2. Make your Shoe Soles Whiter with Toothpaste

We can love yellow, but dirty yellow is a big No! As we all know white shoe soles are the hottest trend in market and Insignia has also launched a great range of trainers that could fall in love. But maintenance is also necessary for such shoes, since the white soles get yellow really soon. For this purpose, take out colourless toothpaste on the old toothbrush and rub it for a while, you will witness the wonders after some time. Do not forget to let us know when you try this incredible hack.

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3. Get Rid of Stinky Shoes with Vinegar

Yes, we know, stinky shoes are a real embarrassment. But here is the quick hack, dip the cotton swab in vinegar solution and wipe out the inner sole of your shoes with it. Wait till it gets dry completely and Ta-daaa!

4. Get Rid of Leather Shoe Stains with Vinegar and Toothbrush

You can see a bad mark when your shoes get exposed to the water. Getting rid of such stains from leather used to be a big hassle and then we have come up with an easy hack 😉 Dip the toothbrush in vinegar solution and the leather stains lightly and then clean the shoes with wipe.

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5. Get Rid of Shoe Stains with Baking Powder

Suede shoes are a bit expensive than the other material. Having a stain on these suede shoes could make you stagger lol. No worries at all, just go to your kitchen straight away and get some baking powder. All you need to do is to sprinkle the baking powder on the suede shoe stain and leave it for 4 to 5 hours. Then you can clean the shoes with soft brush.

These were some super amazing shoe hacks using kitchen items, you can try easily at home. Do let us know which of the above hacks was your favourite?
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