All the Reasons Why Insignia’s Driving Moccasins for Men are the Best in Town

All the Reasons Why Insignia’s Driving Moccasins for Men are the Best in Town

Moccasins, which originated in North America's suburbs, were traditionally worn by hunters, merchants, and European immigrants. The word 'moccasin' is inherited from the Algonquian Powhatan word 'makasin,' which is related to the Massachusetts mokussin, and from the Proto-Algonquian word 'maxkeseni,' which literally means shoe.

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For the driving heroes; a gift

A moccasin is a type of shoe made of deerskin or leather that consists of a sole composed of pure leather and one continuous strip of material for the edges that are pulled together and sewn at the top, or else connected with another additional piece of leather. The moccasin sole is smooth and elastic, with an embellished top section that is occasionally ornamented with bead work. Moccasins, while primarily meant for outdoor use, are also worn indoors on occasion. They were designed specifically for males who needed greater grip when driving. The modern driving moccasins have soles of two disparities:

  • A rubber-dotted sole 
  • A separated pad

The rubber dotted soles of the moccasins have a uniform coating of tiny, spherical rubber pads, whereas the separate pad has bigger, flattened rubber base separated just by small regions.

Why Insignia’s moccasins are the best for your long drives

Insignia attempts to make moccasins a comfortable footwear option, particularly for men who must drive long distances. As a result, Insignia's Driving Moccasins were created with the intention of providing something comfortable for driving men that is both fashionable and functional, because donning formal dress footwear while driving was not optimal. The style is drawn from primitive ones, but Insignia has further developed the concept with wonderful detail, leaving the shoes seem all the more stylish, comfy, and worth all the money.

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Insignia’s best-selling moccasins for men

One of Insignia's best-selling moccasins is the Black Men's Casual Driving Moccs, which are made of leather, fashioned to an angular toe, and embellished with some other colored snaffle bit at the front. Another popular black pair is constructed with genuine leather and features a pointed almond toe placed atop a short stacked base. The top-flap-style maroon moccs are particularly appealing to males seeking for the ideal shoes to ease their driving. The Navy moccs made by Insignia are not only great for driving but are also built with a basic style that delivers exceptional sophistication, making them an excellent choice for windy nights and formal or professional celebratory gatherings.

The additional perks

The Insignia driving moccasin for men has various extra features, such as little tabs beneath the sole that help it grip the ground. These small tabs, which are specifically intended for driving, provide friction between the driver's feet and the driving levers while still being pliable enough to effortlessly change between the levers. The shoe's lightweight design and aeration properties establish a remarkable balance between toughness and mobility. The inclusion of rubber-dotted bottoms or distinct pads increases the shoe's flexibility and durability while maintaining the delicacy and simplicity of a conventional moccasin.

If you are a young man taking your lady on a long drive or a middle aged man shopping around the city in your car, go and grab your easy-to-wear comfy moccs now because who wouldn’t want to!  

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