9 Great tips to make your high heels comfortable

9 Great tips to make your high heels comfortable

This article addresses a big issue that women face but they cannot really help their selves about it, which is to make high heels comfortable enough to walk for a longer time. We understand the pain a woman go through when she cannot wear her favorite heels just because it was not comfortable to walk with. This is why we have come up with some useful tips and tricks that can help the ladies to make their heels comfortable and wear them for so many years.

      1. Get rid of some heel height

If you have a high heel like 5 inches, then you surely need to cut off some height. It is because; such long height can affect your feet and walk badly. Cutting an inch will not affect your height much but it will be more comfortable than the previous height. Try it and put your feet on comfort.

      2. Focus when you walk

Just like you bond with people, you also need to make a connection with the heels. Before wearing your heels at the main event, trying walking in them at home so that you could get an idea about how would you look in this look and explore the ways to carry such long heel.


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      3. Try your heels

When you wear the heels that make you uncomfortable, you should pay more attention in their walking style than you do with others. Sometimes the shoe is not the problem but the way they are designed. Try to focus on your walk when you wear such shoes.

      4. Choose the shape wisely

While reading this tip, there is a possibility that you’ll find this tip silly but it really isn’t. You know your feet better, you need to find out which shape of the shoe suits your feet, and which doesn’t so that you can make shoe decisions quickly in future.

      5. Moleskin

If the shoe is slightly tight or sharp from the edges then use moleskin to avoid hurting your feet. Also it will loosen the tight shape as well, and then you can walk freely next time.

      6. Use Fabric Plasters

This is another good and quick option to avoid the shoe disasters. If you are in hurry and cannot do anything to prevent shoe blisters then use fabric plaster to the areas which are more likely to get hurt from the shoe during walks.


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      7. Prefer Platform heels

Stiletto heels look classy, so does the platform heels. But platform heels is a bit safer choice since it maintains the walk balance with its thick platform and can elevate you as much as a stiletto can. So getting a platform heel should be your preference since it can save you from lots of bad incidents.

      8. Use padded inserts

Padded inserts work like magic. If your feet balls are hurting and also having some issues with short heels height then try padded inserts. It puts the feet on cushiony base and provides a moderate elevation to your height.

      9. Heel Grips

Heels grips can be used by both; thick feet and thin feet. If you have thick feet then there’s a possibility that your feet will get hurt by the tight shoe walls, try these in your shoes and get a comfortable walking experience. Also if your feet are thin that the shoe doesn’t fit perfectly in your feet, again add these in your shoe and adjust the feet perfectly.

These were some useful tips regarding the heels, try these and let us know which one worked the best for you.

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