8 Shoe Hacks that Can Bring Ease to Men’s Lives

8 Shoe Hacks that Can Bring Ease to Men’s Lives

People say love is everything but the truth is ‘shoes are everything’, one wrong pair of shoes and boom your entire look is ruined. Being a fashion enthusiast, you should have enough pair of shoes to change every day, for that you can categorize your shoes as office wear, casual wear, party wear and festive wear.

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But above all, you should be very vigilant while purchasing shoes as little problem can keep those shoes in cupboard for whole life. The next important thing it to take care of those shoes otherwise shoes wears out really quickly. It is all fine even if you do not know how to take care of your pretty shoes. We are here to tell you some methods that can increase the life of your shoes also these hacks are super handy you can learn quickly. Have a look:

1. Hacks to Get Rid of Shoe Odour

Go to your kitchen and grab two tea bags, keep those tea bags inside your shoes and leave them overnight. You will have that refreshing aroma around you. If you don’t have tea bags, we have an alternate item for it. You can use the baking soda; sprinkle some of it inside our shoes and leave it overnight.

The smell produces due to some reasons, that you need to avoid as well. Change your socks daily, as they can easily absorb moisture and can stink. Do not repeat the shoes, keep changing every day. Regularly cut trim your toe nails and wash the feet.

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2. Easy Hack for Slippery Shoes

Mostly the new pair of shoes is a bit slippery that could make you fall in important events or hurt you badly, so get them fixed before facing any tragedy. Take a sand paper and rub it on the sole, in this way the sole will get some grip and enable you to walk comfortably.

3. Hack for Big Shoes

You have bought an amazing pair for yourself but those are a bit big in size? This happens when you shop online but no worries, we have got you covered for this as well. When you go to the mart, get a pair of shoe insoles and put them in the shoes, it will give you the perfect fitting.

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4. Hack for Dirty Trainers

The easiest way to clean your white shoes is by using hydrogen peroxide, or even you can use toothpaste and brush to remove the dirty on your white soles. Do not forget to remove the laces before performing this hack.

5. Hack for Wet Leather Shoe

Take out the newspaper, crumple it and fill it inside the wet leather shoes. It will absorb the moisture.

6. Hack to Prevent Suede Shoes from Water

Apply a coat of wax on suede shoes; it will create a protecting layer.

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7. Hack for Squeaky Shoes

Get rid of the annoying noise by sprinkling baby powder in your squeaky shoes.

These were really quick and fun hacks for your shoe care, now you have to try these on your shoes and tell us in comments section whether these hacks worked or not.

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