Handy Hacks for High Heels | Time to Walk in Heels with full Comfort

Handy Hacks for High Heels | Time to Walk in Heels with full Comfort

In the girls wardrobe full of cute and classy shoes, there will be some pairs (or at least one) that will be the show stopper in the looks. Such kind of heels are given name “the sitting shoes” they are too pretty to leave at home, but once you take them to the parties then you’ll sit at one place because your shoes are gorgeous enough to take Instagram photos and you cannot walk in them for long. To be more precise, such shoes are soothing to eyes but sore to your feet.

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Today we have come up with the exciting and great hacks that could transform your showpiece heels into go-to heels to wear in every event you want. To know about them, give this article a full read. These hacks will transform not only the heels but also every kind of shoes. We understand if you love your shoes and do not want to give up on them because of their uncomfortable walking experience. Just follow the hacks below and relive those shoes.

Padded Inserts

In order to increase the comfort level of your heels, get padded inserts to give a big relief to your feet. If your feet are big or small, and fat or thin, you do not need to worry about the size because padded inserts come in all shapes and sizes (check www.insignia.pk for a best padded inserts).

 Tape Your Shoes

This hack might sound weird to you but you have to trust that this is one of the best hacks that you have ever tried. Tape your middle toes and ring toes together (3rd and 4th toes), and see wonders. You can marathon in your high heels or at least close to it.

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Break In Your Shoes

When you purchase new shoes, it might hurt your feet at some areas. In order to make them comfortable, wear them with socks for 2 or 3 times, in this way your shoes will stretch a bit and your feel will be at ease with this break in.

Use Deodorant or Anti-blister sticks

Applying a layer on your feet before wearing your uncomfortable shoes will help you protect them from blisters and injuries. For such layer you can use gel deodorant, blister sticks or even sprays, all this work for sure. There are some handy and portable products in the market that you can take anywhere with you easily.

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Heel-Toe Walk

Yeah you might be thinking that it is silly to read about walk since everyone walks heel-toe. But not to mention if you mostly stomp during walk instead of step then take this tip as a gift from Insignia Shoes. The walking motion in heels is heel down, which is entirely different than flats so you have to go heel-toe. Another related hack might help you avoid stomping with your heels is by using heel caps. It helps you maintain balance.

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