5 Things to Remember if You Want to Buy Comfortable High Heels

5 Things to Remember if You Want to Buy Comfortable High Heels

When you are done with your old shoes and feel entirely enthusiastic about the idea of getting new shoe then never step back. That’s the real happiness, you have to believe that happy feet make life happiest. But it could turn the other way as well if you are not cautious about few things before getting your hand on the shoe.

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Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, but they are the strongest as well since they carry the weight of your entire body. And to add more if they have to carry the weight of your body wearing the heels then you can think of yourself how much strength they have. So think wisely that what kind of heels you should buy to keep your feet healthy and avoid yourself from staggering walks. We understand the level of your excitement for the new pairs of shoes but for your own good you have to follow some guidelines before buying them. Below are the essential tips for you to select heels that will not give you tough times later.

not give you tough times later.

The height of Heel – Pick Shorter One

If you care about your feet health then the best heel height to go for, is maximum 3.5 inches. If you get heels higher than this then we would like to anticipate a sorry for your shame walks. We have some cute heels options for you, have a look at https://insignia.pk/collections/court-shoes

Look for the Comfort in your Heels

Do not take this point lightly! You have to take care of the comfort level of the shoes if you really value your feet. Opposite to the famous and prior beliefs, heels are constructed with walkability and great comfort in the mind. Insignia Shoes do have such shoes that are constructed this way but also they are built with high end fashion so that you do not compromise on your feet health and also follow the latest trends with full pace.

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Pay Heed to Shoe Size

This is quite a common mistake that we do, in fact we unintentionally repeat – wrong shoe size. Yeah you must be thinking that it is the most obvious method to get the comfort in heels but it doesn’t always go this way. You have to make sure that it is the right size.

Comfortable Shoe Style

All that glitters is not gold! Same case applies on the shoes. You must crave for the best and most captivating designs but not all designs are perfect for your feet health. As much as the shoe height, comfort and size important, the design is equally essential to look for. It is the best practice to go for chunkier and wider heels block heels or platform heels. Such heels reduce the body pressure on the ball of your feet.

Above are the super serious points to ponder before getting another pair of shoes. We want you to wear your shoes with full comfort, fashion and confidence. Do let us in the comments’ section which shoe did you buy for yourself and why?

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