5 Hand Bags Durable For Warm Weathers

5 Hand Bags that are Fun to Carry yet Durable for Warm Weathers

When it’s the season of warm weather, we can assume that our wardrobes are going to get an update very soon. This update possibly includes accessories, shoes and bags that can survive this big weather. Selecting a durable and fun to carry bag is quite a tough job for women, because sometimes outer look of the bag dodge them and quality bag doesn’t appeal them. What do they do? Well, leave this worry aside, Insignia brings you a wide range of high quality yet joyful hand carries that you cannot resist.

Shopping for Bags

Have a look at hot selling bag articles of Insignia Shoes which are rich in quality and features the top class designs that could make you a limelight in crowded place.

  1. Top Handle

    Top Handle BagsConsider a top handle bag to carry all your basics in. This bag might look small but it is spacious inside with pocket divider, and finishes with zips. The texture of this bag is crocodile inspired, having the upper flap closed with a crispy gold lock. Don’t miss the engraved logo of brand at bottom giving it an elite look. Since this bag is made up of pure leather that makes the bag lightweight and easy to carry. This surely is going to be the small yet spacious hand carry for summer times. Get it, you will not regret it!

  2. Long Strap Bag

    Long Strap BagLadies, who doesn’t want to carry a bag but they definitely need a bag? Sounds confusing? That’s how women often get confused when thinking of bags especially in summers. Let’s make it easy for them by introducing this easy to carry bag that doesn’t need all time hand-carrying service. Just attach the long strap, put it across your shoulder and waist and ta-daa you can cross all seven rivers. This is most popular among university going ladies as it is compact, bright bag and has a drawstring toggle closure, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It is quick-drying and folds up when not in use. This bag is also pocket friendly that can go years and years with maximum usage.

  3. Framed Bag

     Framed BagGo bold and carry this luxurious beauty by Insignia throughout this long summer. Considering the today’s need this framed bag is so organized that Insignia women can arrange their essentials vertically and horizontally without leaning on to each other. This gives an elegant look while carrying it among your gatherings and yet no one knows that you are carrying your snacks in it. Wink wink, this secret is between us only. Get it now!

  4. Safari scarf Bag

    Safari scarf BagWe know how much women are fond of going out and breathe out their lungs fullest, at such times this safari scarf bag is the one they should be carrying along. This has a top handle, featuring mini structure to make you look compact, and delicately crafted with leather showing crocodile-effect overall. Who doesn’t love it?

  5. Pouch Bag

    Pouch BagThis pouch bag is a master piece, carry it along any outfit and it’s going to roc your look. The cushiony making of this bag puts it in the distinctive bags that women would love to carry. Carry your touch up kits in this bag and stay fresh the whole day.

These are only five, but the website www.insignia.pk has a wide range of classy and elegant bags to slay the whole season. Grab them now.

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