Your Shoes Make You Fall Down? Make Them Non-Slippery with Insignia Hacks

Your Shoes Make You Fall Down? Make Them Non-Slippery with Insignia Hacks


Are your shoes slippery? Do not be shy in accepting it. We all face this issue no matter how expensive is the shoe, shoes sole ditch us sometimes. This post is going to cater and resolve the most annoying shoe issues experienced by majority of the people – slippery footwear! Whether it is heel, ballerina, boots or sneakers, you will learn to make your shoes non-slippery with quick and easy hacks. This is the time to leave behind your slippery fears behind and dare to wear every shoe you love at any surface. Just follow the different solutions we have listed below and add traction to your footwear.

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Hacks to Make your Shoes Non-Slippery or Less Slippery

1) Adhesive Bandage Usage

All the audience, learning about the hack, you will get a good grip at the sole by just putting adhesive bandages on the down surface of your shoe sole, it is a temporary solution to resist traction in the shoes, but still it is quite a relief even for a day, at least they stick to the floor for some time.

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To all the readers, we suggest you to keep few of the bandages in your handbags so that you would have quick solutions to unwelcomed problems, no matter where you are, you will have an instant solution with the right tools.

2) Use Your Shoes

Yes! You heard it right. If you wear your new shoe over the ground that is super smooth and sleek then there are chances for you to experience a slippery fall. To avoid such situation, try to wear your newly purchased shoes over a rough or gritty surface. It is a permanent solution to make shoe soles non-slippery.

3) Sandpaper Scuff Solution

Another instant solution to reduce the shoe traction is by scuffing the shoe sol with sandpaper. You will need around 100 grits sandpaper (easily available at the nearest mart), then scuff the soles but do it in moderation otherwise shoe might get thin from outsole.

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4) Shoe Traction Spray

There is always a product to every shoe problem; we will never leave you solution less when it is about the shoes. The traction of the shoe decreases when you sprinkle the shoe sole with shoe adhesive spray, it stays on the sole for a longer time. Try this you will feel confident even on slippery surfaces.

5) Hairspray on Shoes

Yes seriously! Hairspray works like a magic, when nothing works it does. It can be considered as an alternative to shoe adhesive spray, but effect is little lower than adhesive sprays. For this, take out the shoe soles and spray a great amount over it (10-15 sec spray would be enough) and let it dry.

Sole will start to contact surface with its stickiness that will make it stay for a longer time.

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6) Ice Grips for Shoes

Ice grips never let you down, pick the one of your shoe size and attach it at the shoe bottom. It is majorly used in the snowy area where all shoes fail (except the ones having built in grips), wear it in the snowy or watery area to avoid unwanted slips. It definitely looks more like a stone-age product but it works.

7) Use Glue with Sand, or Salt

Apply a thin layer of super glue at the bottom of your shoe, then apply the crushed mixture of sand or salt over this glue and let it settle till it dries. This way the shoe surface will become rough and you will get a relief.

8) Ultimate Solution

The above mentioned solutions will work, without any doubt. But if you are lazy enough to not try any of these or enough busy to not take out time for shoes then try to purchase non-slippery shoes and cobbler is the last option.

Happy Shoe Hacks!

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