Easy Cure to keep your Hands and Feet Hydrated in Winters

Easy Cure to keep your Hands and Feet Hydrated in Winters

Seasons have a greater impact on our skin health but also our age make changes to it and apart from that our diet and healthy drinks intake tells a lot about our skin. Majority of you will have dry skin, not to worry it happens with everyone in the winters especially, we have come up an easy and best cure for dry skin of your hands and feet that will also make them hydrated all the time. Let’s have a quick look at the remedies to keep your hand and feet skin healthy.

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Whether it summer or winter, we all face challenges like keeping skin moisturized in cold weather and keeping skin dry in hot weather. Certainly, the main thing is hydration – we get by drinking good amount of water. Balanced environment keeps our skin in the healthiest form, but we never get such perfect weather (all credit goes to crazy traffic). Humidifier is equally important to prevent extreme weather that makes our skin dry, particularly in the winter season. Clearly we have no control over the harsh weather and it is important for us to avoid extreme weathers in ordering to save our delicate skin of hands and feet.

Scrub it like you own it

It is an imperative part of your life to take out some time for hand and feet care routine. Take out your scrub and calmly scrub your hands and feet for about good 15mins. Scrub tends to remove the dead skin cells from the upper layer and makes your skin smooth and clear. It is recommended to scrub twice a week.

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Moisturizers works like Miracles

Market is full of good nourishing creams, just pick your favorite one nourishes well, stays longer and can survive few hand washes sessions. The essential oils present in the moisturizers are quite important for our skin. If you are confused about the good product then you can read the ingredients list and bring clarity about the product.

Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Always prefer cuticle oil from vegan and cruelty free brands. The reason for these two ingredients is that they not only hydrate our hands and toe cuticles but also gives strength to our nails. It is not too sticky and gets absorbed easily.

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Cuticle Cream

Mostly our focus point is our face and we neglect the feet and hand totally. That results in discolorations on hands and toes. Although they need more care since they are continuously working consciously or unconsciously. So after cuticle oil, do not hesitate before getting a butter cuticle cream, you deserve such care.

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Hand and Feet Mask

Get a good mask to store the moisture in your skin if you want to keep your hands and feet hydrated for a longer time.

By now you have got so many remedies to make your hand feet hydrated and we hope you will implement the above methods, do not forget to drink lots of water. Tell us which remedy you liked the most and which cream you found the best for your hands and feet.

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